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Monasterio de Piedra (The Stone Monastery)

Monasterio de Piedra (The Stone Monastery) has to be one of the finest places to visit in Spain. It is just 3.5 hours drive from Maestrat Park. 320Kms.

It is now a hotel and park complex in the Iberian System mountain ranges, near Nuévalos, province of Zaragoza, Aragon. The monastery was founded in 1194

It is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Aragon because of the many gardens and waterfalls created by the river located in the Piedra (Stone) Canyon. This attraction has become a place of rest and recreation for tourists. All within the most barren areas of Spain. The park lies in an area of thermal springs & consists of many inspiring views. 1300 acre lake, arches cut through the rock by water power, water falls sprouting out of the top of a mountain peak. The walks go under waterfalls and over water in other areas. The list is really endless. Believe me, well worth the visit, why not stay in the Hotel on site. (When re opened)

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